Concept Records is a recording studio and creative community based in Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in 2019, we focus on recording, producing, and mixing a diverse range of local artists in order to platform them on a global stage. We offer affordable, high-quality recording and mixing services, and provide access to high-grade analogue gear and effects pedals. Our studio is run ‘for musicians, by musicians’, and we aim to provide a comfortable, collaborative and creative environment where artists have the space and time to craft their sound.


We are two young musicians who have shared a long creative partnership. We became friends during high school, where we played together in various band configurations. After years of working together and building our repertoire, we felt that we needed a space where we could focus on the development of our sound. Already being avid gear collectors and effects aficionados, and having learnt the basics of sound engineering through practical experiences, we began the process of learning to operate our own (and eventually other artist’s) recording sessions. We now work as recording engineers, and enjoy the process of helping clients find and develop their own sounds.


As a life-long musician, primarily playing Bass Guitar, Ben has made music with a variety of bands on the scene in Cape Town. With experience working in studios and a period studying sound engineering, Ben decided that a more hands-on approach to learning was necessary. He has been the Mix Engineer for Concept Records since our doors opened, and he helps craft and shape our artists’ sounds throughout the recording process.

Having played keyboards since the age of 6, Benjy is passionate about holding creative spaces with other musicians and allowing intricate ideas to find expression. He also holds an interest in the philosophy of sound recording, as well as the economic challenge of making quality recording accessible to young artists in South Africa. He acts as the project manager and recording engineer at Concept Records


Most importantly, as friends and musicians, we have fun with sound. We love analogue gear, and we have built a massive collection of FX pedals that we plug in whenever we get the opportunity. We offer a variety of services that can take a project from conception to release. Being musicians ourselves, our approach is always grounded in the particular sonic needs of each artist and their project.


Situated in the peaceful suburb of Sybrand Park, surrounded by a large garden with a swimming pool and palm trees, the studio is made-up of a Mix Room, a Live Room, and a Piano Room. The studio walls are covered with a large collage of inspiring artists, and it often sees its rooms being repurposed for different projects and recordings.


Pre-production meeting to assess the requirements of the project
Project plan to design a process that is responsive to the needs of the project
Adequate rehearsal time to maximize the time spent in the studio
Recording to capture a wide range of sonic perspectives (up to 24 tracks at a time)
Mixing to create a final ‘product’ that is ready for mastering

We provide extensive input on the development of the project in order to ensure that both time and budget are only spent where necessary. We strive to make our recording sessions fun and comfortable for everyone involved, and we love helping our artists discover new sounds through experimentation with our collection of pedals and instruments.


Email Address: info@conceptrecords.org